November 6, 2008

In The Forties, A Girl's Wedding Day Was No Excuse To Eat In Some Hoity-Toity Restaurant


No eating out for this thrifty Forties couple, even on their day of wedded bliss.

There's no reason the little lady of the house can't slap on an apron and whip up a casserole that has ham, fruit, and green jello...while still wearing her bridal veil!

Pyrex makes it easy for the female half of the equation to slave over a hot oven, even on this most sacred and happiest of days.

Remember, ladies: fail to cook dinner for your husbands...even on your wedding day...and the Communists win!


  1. On my wedding day (a week ago today), I baked a apple rum pie - in a glass Pyrex dish!!! Some traditions never go away... :)

  2. Was your wedding veil as elaborate as the one in the picture? ;-)