November 7, 2008

A Photo So Awesome, It Actually Transcends Words

Perardi's parents' wedding photo


  1. Wow! I wonder if she cooked their wedding day meal at home with Pyrex ... While browsing YouTube for a video of Little River Band's "Lady," I came across this little gem and thought of you IMMEDIATELY!

  2. That's such a wonderful clip. I firmly believe that she was one of the most beautiful women who ever graced our planet, if not THE most beautiful.

    She was a gentle soul, a total flower child...which makes what those animals did to her all the more unforgivable.

  3. Great photo. In a ST related story, a friend of mine was good friends with her sister back in the 60s. After her tragic ending, my friend inherited one of ST's coats - I think it's made entirely of feathers. I've never seen the coat in person, but it is supposedly very rare and unusual, much like ST herself. I often wonder what her career and life would have been like if she didn't meet such a sudden, horrible end...