November 11, 2008

Never Before Has Horror Been So Delicious

From simplymein 


  1. Where's the color photograph (promised at the end of this recipe)!?!?!

    And what is wrong with poor Chris's (swelling) head!?


  2. I omitted the color photograph out of respect for my readers. Given that most of you are confirmed clown haters like me, the photo of his laughing grin as rendered in red icing was enough to send all of us to therapy for the next decade or so.

    You know, I might make your comment the commentary for this item. I am a little slow on the draw this morning and couldn't come up with much. I did laugh at the foppish spelling of "Gregg."

  3. Laura - we demand to see the color photo!!! Bring it on, we can handle it (I think). :)

  4. *gasp*

    OMG! I think my mom still has that cookbook! I'm not kidding!!! :)