December 5, 2008

And While You're In That Cold Shower, Be Sure To Remember Pearl Harbor, Too

Not sure if this is on the level or not...crazier advertising certainly made its way out of WWII, which is of course why we vintage freaks love that era so.
From one of my favorite sites on The Internets, Eat Liver.


  1. Cute, but it's gotta be a fake.

    Why would anyone promote abstinence ed pre-sex ed? Looks very photoshopped.


  2. Hey, Nazi Lover, if a nice American girl breaks her cherry while our boys are overseas fighting the Japs, I'm holding YOU personally responsible.

  3. Hitler was one of the Archies?

    Hey, How come you haven't tried to guess the Santas?

    Yes, you - I know you can do it!