December 8, 2008

Watch My Senior Prom Date On Jeopardy! This Thursday, Bitches!

The closest I shall ever get to Alex Trebek because of that nasty restraining order, for sure.

p.s.  Not only is he smart, he's also a good kisser.


  1. I have awarded you The Butterfly Award!
    See my blog for details!

  2. I boycotted by Senior Prom. My girlfriend (yeah - I had a girlfriend back then) and I opted to go to Beefsteak Charlie's (yeah - I ate meat back then) and get drunk on margaritas (yeah it was legal for 17 year olds to drink back then) and then we had sex (yeah - I had straight sex back then). I hope she isn't reading this. LOL.

  3. Doug, you are the most awesome person ever.

    I just want you to know that.

    My senior prom was a lot of fun. The limo, the snow white dress and the virginity still to carry it off, the Lee press-on nails in bubble gum pink (these young girls today, they get manicures! No Lee press-ons for them!), all of my makeup was from a Cover Girl kit I got for Christmas, and I doused myself in my mother's YSL Opium. I mean, I drenched myself in the stuff. I had opera-length gloves. It was Le Glamour.

    Sean is a sweetheart, a real intellectual, and a real doll. Thanks to Facebook, we are back in touch, and I couldn't be happier about it.

    p.s. I am totally referring to you as "Beefsteak Charlie" now.

  4. For those of us sans TV... we request an update on Sean!!! I don't think anyone from WLHS has this claim to fame. Way to go, Sean!!!
    Love your site, Laura!
    Amy H