March 11, 2009

A Touch Of Tuesday Weld Presents: A Lesson In Jive Talk

Interesting facts about Marihuana, aka Reefers, aka Pot, aka Satan's Harvest:

Only white people smoke reefers.

4 out of 5 male dope peddlers prefer Botany 500 knits and casuals.

Reefers make otherwise well-groomed girls favor sack dresses.

Having a missing daughter is not an excuse to forgo a necktie as you scour the newspapers for any word as to her fate.

Communism can, nay, SHOULD be blamed for the marihuana menace.

Invertebrate malcontents must also be blamed for Satan's Harvest, but then again, those nogoodniks are probably Reds, anyway.

Dope fiends in the Fifties unfortunately did not have access to the dazzling array of snack choices we Americans enjoy today.

1 comment:

  1. Botany 500 - laughing out loud.

    I remember watching an episode of The Merv Griffin Show where an old lady in the audience thanked Botany 500 for making so many wonderful TV shows - she thought that Botany 500 was the production company - if only!

    I always wanted to start a band called Botany 500.