April 15, 2009

In This 1977 Ad, The Power Of Flowcharts And A Half-Naked Woman Is Utilized To Demonstrate Why A Girl Should Use A Creme Rinse After Every Shampoo

This stuff did smell absolutely fantastic.  Nothing like the goo that is marketed as "Herbal Essences" today. (Must everything smell like fruit now?)
No, this was an earthy, woodsy, scent that reminded you of green meadows, of sunshine, of nature.  It was gorgeous.


  1. I always thought those commercials were somehow related to the COUNTRY KITCHEN NOODLES ads that ran during the same period. Remember those?

  2. This might totally blemish your memory of the green herbal essence shampoo..BUT my grandma used to wash her poodle with the stuff and I always associated that shampoo with the little beast that was Pierre. That was his signature smell. And I loved it!