May 20, 2009

Just In Time For Christmas, 1978: A Creepy Mirror That Distorts Your Image In Four Disturbing Ways, By Clairol

December 4, 1978

Because a girl's gotta wear the correct number of layers of eyeshadow when she goes out to the discos, right?  And she needs to know the exact amount of lip gloss to wear while she's at home.  It wouldn't do if she wore the wrong shade of lipstick in the office; what would the other gals in the secretarial pool say?  For outdoors, well, she needs to indulge her inner John Denver while still contributing some ka-ching to the Aziza coffers.

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  1. Oh my gawd - my sister Sandy had this mirror. I used to play in front of it all the time! It was so cool...LOL...I think it's still at my mom's house. I may fetch next month when I visit.