July 29, 2009

Three More Delicacies From The Joys Of Jello, 1963

If I showed this to my sister, Jane, she would look at me and say one thing: "Grandma Mary."

Yes, our paternal grandmother loved to make all matter of cold salads involving fruit-flavored Jell-O (she liked lime the best), canned fruits and vegetables suspended, like bewildered flies in honey, in the gelatin. Each plate of the salad was always served with a dollop of mayonnaise, which she would serve with a flourish that never left a chip on her Revlon's Love That Red fingernails (the woman always had a flawless manicure), or disturbed the ash on her ever-present Pall Mall.

Then she would sit down at the dinner table, take a sip from her Manhattan, and say, "I have been seated, so you all may begin."


  1. I like a couple of flavours of Jello but don't go near it with any thing else!

    I am strange. I love raisins but hate them in cookies or cakes.

    I love black olives but not on my pizza.

  2. I just had Trader Joe's Vegan Jell-O for dessert...so I can practically taste this ad.

  3. It's as nauseating as it sounds, Eduardo.

    God bless Grandma. I can't drink bottled Coca Cola or wear red nail polish without thinking of her. And because of her, I wear my "good jewelry" from Ken all of the time. No special occasions stuff here. Grandma always said that her diamonds were for wearing, not for gathering dust.