September 12, 2009

For Doug: A Good Friend In A Graceless Age

December 11, 1976

Which means that Joe just dumped her, in what might have been the single most traumatic event in my childhood. I still get too upset to watch those scenes in one sitting.


  1. For me? Awwww...

    Just watched all of RHODA Season One - cannot wait til Season Two comes out on DVD.

    Nancy Walker was an American treasure. Every scene with her is friggin' classic. Today's sitcom writers and actors need to study her and learn.

  2. Loved this show - I met "Joe" when I was a kid, and will never forget when there was an episode we watched as a family that forced my mom to have to try to explain to me what a prostitute was. "Its someone you pay to be your friend" - which actually seemed like a great idea and viable career goal.