September 14, 2009

And Santa Can Be Our Regular Saturday Night Thing

Patrick Swayze


  1. OMG this is the very first thing I thought of when I heard that Mr. Swayze had died.

    We quote lines from this all the time around the house....

  2. I saw an interview with Mr. Swayze back in 1994 or so, and he was asked about this. He said that not only did he know about it, he loved it and planned on having it in his house every Christmas. He was a really good sport about it.

    If you quote MST3K, Lara, we are going to get along just fine. Sometimes if we didn't quote MST, Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy, my husband and I wouldn't talk. ;-)

  3. My husband never says anything that wasn't said on The Simpson's first :)