September 16, 2009

The Sad, Short Life Of Judith Barsi

There are a lot of YouTube tributes to Miss Barsi. Some are much better than others. I chose this one, despite its insufferable music track, because it includes quite a lot of Miss Barsi's work, most notably in commercials. In her brief life, she appeared in over seventy commercials.

Tragically, Miss Barsi's breakthrough role was as Kimberly MacDonald, a little girl who was murdered by her father, in 1984's outstanding NBC miniseries Fatal Vision.

Her life would imitate her art.

In 1986, with actor Ray Buktenica

A memorable 1986 commercial with a close-up of her beautiful face

In 1987


  1. Okay, creepy...but fascinating.

  2. Her story was pretty tragic, indeed.

    Thanks for these commercials. I haven't seen some of them in ages.