October 30, 2009

From 1977: When Parents Interfere With Halloween Fun

Highlights include Mom turning your bad-ass witch ensemble into a Ku Klux Klan outfit, and a little black boy being encouraged to put himself in whiteface. Also featured is a totally nasty-looking 70's porn dad during the voiceover about how "some adults like to hurt children," as well as a poor unfortunate little boy telling a real knee-slapper of a joke about wieners.



  1. Brilliant! That totally made my evening. 1977 would have been my store-bought Darth Vader year, when we lived in Camelot Manor, a trailer park on the outskirts of Grand Rapids. Black plastic mask with small eye holes, long broom-handle light saber, black plastic apron that went down past my ankles, and trick-or-treating in a trailer park ... man, I should be thankful I survived! Who knew how neglectful of my safety my hippie parents were ...