November 2, 2009

From 1957: The Single Most Fabulous Car That Ever Existed And The Very Definition Of "A Cherry Ride"

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Such a beauty. I just asked Ken if I could have one. He said that he was pretty sure that our homeowner's association would have a problem with my owning a car that took up half a city block. So it's a one-two punch to my dreams of owning Le Auto De Glamour: My man and The man both say No. Now, how's a girl supposed to express her inner bombshell if forces conspire against her like that? Would Mickey Hargitay have said No to Jayne Mansfield? (Ken: "Would who have said No to who? Do we know these people?")

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  1. That photo of the house/car/couple is the alternative life I always wanted...