November 19, 2009

From 1951: That Crucial Moment When Every American Housewife Realizes That Her Beloved Snookums Is, At Heart, A Low-Down Dirty Dawg

(one of the best double-clickers yet, so don't miss out!)

Take it from the good folks at Dorothy Gray Salon, housewives of America: Jim or Donald or Harold or Ralph have a perfect right, nay, a duty to cheat on you with Miss Veronica Homewrecker down the street if you do not remain the gal he every way!

No wrinkles, no fat, no grey hairs...he married you when you were a cutie, now it's your duty to stay that way. Just as fresh-faced, dainty and unspoiled as the day you said "I Do."

Happy marriages are the burden of the wives, ladies. Call the Dorothy Gray Salon today!

And if all else fails, you can always just rub radioactive dirt on your face and pray for a quick death from some hideous cancer.

1 comment:

  1. Somebody had to tell these people that "radioactive" is not good when you're not in a comic book...