November 11, 2009

From 1969: The Mike Douglas Cookbook, Shamelessly Stolen From A Website That Might Just Be My Own Personal Crystal Meth

Sadly, the site does not seem to offer much in the way of recipes, which is actually probably a good thing, because if it did my head would likely explode from all of the vintage goodness. The covers are wonderful enough, and since I love to collect old and rare and vintage cookbooks, I can tell you that Old Cookbooks is about to have another enthusiastic customer.


  1. Too bad the site doesn't give us any groovy recipes. I'm very curious to know what Mike Douglas and his guests were cooking back then.

  2. Mike Douglas is a personal hero of mine, hence why I call my blog interviews "The Douglas Michael Show".
    Warm memories of watching his Phillie-based chat show each day at 4:30 (except when WABC had something awesome on The 4:30 Movie) will always make me smile.

  3. OMG! I want this on myself right next to Jinx Morgan's "Saucepans and the Single Girl" and Peg Braken's "I Hate to Cook Book"

    And, when I was a kid I was in the audience for the Mike Douglass show. The guests were Pam Dawber and Chaka Kahn.