January 14, 2010

From 1967: Quicksilver Messenger Service At Monterey Pop

I am avoiding calling my doctor out of fear that she will make good on her promise (threat?) to put me in the hospital if my lung infection didn't clear up with the first round of antibiotics and week of bedrest (it hasn't; if anything, my cough is worse and I am running a fever again while shivering so hard I could easily be mistaken for a junkie in need of a fix).

And I really don't want that to happen, you know. The equation goes a little something like this:

Laura Beth + Hospital = Bad.

To take my mind off being sick, I am perusing the wonderful and surprisingly bountiful collection of Monterey Pop clips on YouTube. Holy Christ, that is the definition of Laura Linger Heaven: wall to wall hippies just tokin' the sweet leaf, listenin' to the tunes, and lovin' one another. The song said it best: all those who come to San Francisco, summertime will be a love-in there. Beautiful.

Here is one of my favorites, from Quicksilver Messenger Service.


  1. Laura, woman up and call the doctor!

  2. I did, my friend. Now I am awaiting a call back. This should be fun. Can you dig it? My doctor is in fancy Paradise Valley, AZ, and our health insurance is the fancy Blue Cross Premium kind, and I still can't get anyone on the goddamned telephone. If I can't get anywhere, what chance do poor, under- or uninsured people have? That's right. None. Nada. NICHTS.

    This fucking country.

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  4. ouch... meanwhile try nanny-like herbal teas and funky music...

  5. Eduardo, you are very lucky that you are in France. Hey, do you know any good ear, nose, and throat doctors? 'Cause I've been itching to see the Eiffel Tower and fly on Air France.

  6. I'm still trying to get French health coverage, myself. It's a long red tape story. But Paris is a beautiful place to be sick LOL

  7. very sad only 1 song here is setlist
    dinos song
    if you live
    accapulco gold and silver
    to long
    who do you love

    1 song how sad??? where is the rest how lame to keep this hidden