January 15, 2010

Screw Chanel

THIS is the most elegant handbag I can think of. And it comes with a thermos, so I could tote along a cold drink or a hot soup...like magic!

Truth is, I really dig vintage metal lunchboxes. It is one thing that I could easily see myself collecting. The trouble would be keeping them pristine. I would want to use them for everything. "Oh, you want a Ritz cracker? Here, let me get you one from my Laugh-In lunchbox. Of course, that's where we store our Ritz crackers. They deserve the utmost in elegance, don'tcha think?"


  1. Hope Jesus is holding your hand

  2. Thanks, sweetie. There's enough country girl in me still to LOVE hillbilly gospel music.

  3. I still have my metal Walt Disney World lunchbox that I got for the first grade. If I open it up, I can still smell the PB&J and Ho-Ho my mom packed for me everyday.

    You know what else I love? Those old cardboard schoolboxes we used to have in grade school. They were like a cigar box with cartoon characters on them. Wish I still had mine!