March 16, 2010

From 1984: When Solid Gold Dancers Are Encouraged To Embrace The Power Of Interpretive Dance

Fifty shades of wrong, and how I love it so.

I mean, should one be honored if your tune is interrupted by an introduction to the entire show by Marilyn McCoo?

A million trillion thanks to my gal pal Amy for alerting me to this horrible, horrible gem. You were so right, Amy: this fits perfectly on the blog.


  1. The brilliance of '80s era Solid Gold was that the music was enough to chase away parents, who then consequently couldn't see you dazed my the wiggling taut forms of the Solid Gold Dancers. Television programming at its finest.

  2. Oh how I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer!

    How keyboard players does a band need, really? And then one guy even had to play TWO when Matthew stepped out from behind to show us his lovely leather pants.

    Great clip. :)

  3. Wow, all that booty-shaking for the NUMBER TEN hit of the show??? One can only imagine the stops they pulled out for the show's number one.

    Sadly, I vaguely remember watching this ep the first time it aired. Makes me want to dig out my Solid Gold Dancers Workout video from beneath Thompson Twins: Sound + Vision and Madonna: Ciao Italia!

  4. Earworm central. I just read the song title and I can't get it outta my head!