March 2, 2010

From Christmas 1972: I Give Up. There Are No Words.

Take it away, Jimmy Osmond. No, really. I mean, quite literally, take it away.

This video leads me to form a new category for blog posts: Botched Abortion.

And to think, my own Mother sent me this clip, just to torment me. Because you know I am going to be singing that chorus all the goddamned day long.


  1. That was the longest minute and fifty-six seconds of my life, and believe me, Jimmy made us just as nauseous back then as he just made us (me). My post today is about the 70's BTW. Does your mother torture you on a regular basis or just occasionally???

  2. I want that time back. Holy moley, that sucked the life out of me.

  3. OH GAWWWDDDD Make it Stop! Make it Stop!!!

  4. Gaahh! I don't know which to run and bathe first: My poor eyes, or my poor ears!

    Actually I only lasted about 10 seconds, long enough to establish a) I had (somewhere in my distant past) heard this and no further exposure was necessary, and b) I abhor perky child performers. I abhor strumming banjos. But put them both together and Saint Billie of Holliday....!!!!

    Gosh, you got a really mean mom.

  5. I hated Jimmy with a passion as a kid. He ruined every Osmond special just by showing up. Too bad we couldn't fastforward TV back them. Unfortunately most showbiz kids today haven even LESS talent that that Mormon freak.

  6. I hate you so much right now.