February 25, 2010

The Wonderful Miss Judy Holliday

Miss Holliday in her signature role of Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday, for which she won a Best Actress Oscar. (My note: simply one of the best and funniest movies ever made. And believe it or not, the remake with Melanie Griffith is pretty good, too.)

Judy Holliday died on June 7, 1965, after a battle with breast cancer. She was only 43 years old.


  1. She was one of my faves, "You're just not COUTH! "

  2. If ever anyone could've remade "Born Yesterday" it was Melanie G. You're right, it wasn't bad!

  3. She was such a great actress. You should see "Pfft!" Very good movie

  4. Gotta love Judy, who is also great in Bells Are Ringing.

  5. I love Miss Judy Holliday!

  6. And to think: She was Jean Arthur's understudy for the play, and a few day's before opening Arthur's well documented stage fright (more like panic, really) got the better of her and she quit. Holliday replaced her. If it hadn't been for Arthur's 'fragility' Judy would never have created the stage roll and been considered for the film.

    And to think: Columbia chief Harry Cohn didn't want her for the movie as she had 'no name value' and was 'too fat'. He tested lots of others including Lucy (who wanted it baaaad). So George Cukor and Katherine Hepburn had her cast in a small featured part in "Adams Rib". When Cohn saw her completely walk away with the scene, he relented.