February 23, 2010

From 1976: With Ayds, Dieting Has Never Been So Downright Delicious!

McCall's, April 1976

A great double-clicker. And I am still on my diet and could sure use some goddamned diet candy around these parts right about now. I've had to settle for chewing my own toenails, and they just are not the same. Maybe if I have my feet a light dusting of Hershey's Cocoa? Light on the calories, heavy on taste? Or chocolate Slim Fast, perhaps?


  1. I remember those nasty like candies. everyone i knew believed they were just re-packaged ex-lax.

  2. LOL! My mom used to eat 'em, and I remember one time our dog got into the box and ate a whole bunch. This was like back in 1978 or so.

  3. They. Did. Not. Work. Period, end of story, finito. Trust me on this one.