February 20, 2010

From 1956: As I Lay Dieting

American Meat Institute, Family Circle, July 1956

A double clicker not to be forgotten, trust me.

I'm on a self-imposed diet that just so happens to coincide with the six weeks of full-on Catholic guilt otherwise known as Lent. I'm just not happy with my current weight and I know that I can do better, look better, be better. But gee golly, gee damn, those hot dogs are actually tempting to me. I have even looked longingly at one of the most hated of all Fifties Foodstuffs here at Touch Of Tuesday Weld, that green Jello botched abortion in the middle of the platter. Are those chopped onions suspended in green gelatin?

Goddammit, where's my sugarless gum and my Diet Coke?


  1. Faulkner's "As I lay dying" is one of my favorite books ever, by the way.

  2. Is that olives wrapped in bologna?

  3. If that's the Jello salad that I think it is - and have actually had - then it's going to be chopped cabbage in there.

    And you know what?

    It isn't all that bad, surprisingly enough. :)