March 23, 2010

Prom 1977: Candid Couples

Sometimes it's best to let photos speak for themselves. I love how natural the girls look, with soft pretty hair and understated makeup. The young girls who go to prom today...well, it's all just so much of a production; the drag queens on RuPaul's Drag Race have nothing on today's generation of prom-going girls!

Turn the volume up know you want to! This song hit #1 on the Billboard chart on January 15, 1977.


  1. you're so right and that song made my morning!

  2. Those look like my prom pictures.

    Really, when it did it go from playing dress up to becoming a Halloween party?

    My Prom's theme was "The Times of Your Life" - by Paul Anka.

  3. When I saw my niece's prom photos I honestly thought for a minute it was Halloween and they were going to a party dressed as call girls. I mean, I'm not a prude but good lord! The girls in these pictures aren't dressed in what I'd consider to be a prom dress, either. Fortunately, their escorts look so ridiculous that it doesn't matter about the dresses!

  4. VC, I will lay down cash money to bet that both girls' dresses are homemade. My Indiana Senses were twitching as I posted them; I wore a lot of homemade clothes when I was young, because we were poor, and Mom is an accomplished seamstress.

    I think Lovely Lady Number Two resembles actress Diana Canova, who played Corinne on SOAP.