March 22, 2010

Prom 1977: First In A Five-Part Series Extravaganza

Just sit back and soak in the glamour that only orange blossoms fashioned from tissue paper can bring.

A coordinated tuxedo to his gal's pretty pink dress? You cannot beat that for style! She's so winsome and lithe; he's so Everybody's All-American. I wonder if her mother made her dress all special? Do you notice that it kind of resembles the Carrie White glamourwear?

(p.s. As is the case with all of my bloggings, I make fun of my subjects, but deep down within, there is a healthy respect...for the effort that was made, for the history involved, for the sheer charm that comes from innocence and youth. Such is the case here. I'm teasing about them, sure; but can you imagine the glamour and excitement of that dance? Those orange blossoms were fashioned with such care! Such a lovely chuppah for the prom couple to pose under! Can you just hear the thump thump thump of the disco beat on the dance floor? I'm talkin' burn, baby, burn...Disco Inferno! Burn, baby, burn...burn that mutha down!)


  1. I'm afraid you will find somehow my parents' wedding picture...

  2. A chuppah? Is that like a garden arch? Whatever it's called, it looks so dreamy with those tissue flowers--I'm sure we had one at my prom but I'm also pretty sure I chose not to have my picture taken with my escort, although at least he had the class to wear a black tuxedo. Your posts are funny but certainly not disrespectful and I enjoy them immensely!

  3. Oh dear, you're gettin' awful close to home, that was my prom year. It was held at the Capitol Hilton in DC. We dined at the Trader Vics in the hotel before hand and got totally f*cked up on those tropical drinks served in coconut shells the size of a toilet bowl.

    My tux was John Travolta white and my dates dress was a faux victorian/gunne sax eyelet, also in white.

    Before the prom was over, the Special Ed teacher and me grabbed my date and the couple we double dated with and snuck away to the Lost & Found gay disco and really got down!