March 20, 2010

From 1961: Elegance, As You Sip Your Liqueur On Continental Airlines' Golden Jet

The "Golden Jet" at Continental was a reference to their pride and joy, a brand-new Boeing 707 fleet. In 1961, Continental was still a small carrier, compared to giants such as TWA, Pan Am, Eastern, and American. The 707s were used not only to make runs between Hawaii and the West Coast, but as U.S. military charters over to the growing war in VietNam.

A "Golden Jet" in April 1967


  1. My dad worked for Boeing Vertol from 1960 through 1987 - he's got tons of old pamphlets that the company made during those years to advertise their planes, jets and choppers. I am going to have go through some of them one day, scan some and send 'em your way.

  2. I'm totally ok with you blog rolling me. I've added you to mine. As soon as I saw your header and title I fell in love with your blog. :)