March 8, 2010

The Second Installment In Our "So You've Banged Someone Unclean" Series (With Bonus Educational Film!)


Now I want you all to pay attention. Don't let Jerry Anderson's shame be YOURS!


  1. "Unclean". That's a funny word. The 40s and 50s appeared to be full of "unclean" people. Thank God for penicillin. At least they lived. They went insane, but they lived.

  2. My sister keeps telling me I shouldn't share stuff like this, but anyway . . . back in those groovy free sex days when we were banging around willy nilly it was no big deal to just go down to the Public Health Clinic where they'd give you an exam, confirm that you had an STD and then jab you in the butt and give you some pills. The treatment was free as long as you agreed to let a herd of med students watch you get examined. Oh well, it was the 70's.