March 10, 2010

Third Installment In Our Weeklong Tribute To Vintage VD: Sing Along If You Know The Words!

I can't seem to find an exact date for this clip. Some sources say "the 1970s," while others place it as beginning to air on television in the fall of 1969. I myself doubt the 1969 date, largely because of the 1970s "look" of similar PSAs, not to mention the actors' clothes and hairstyles.


  1. Gosh, I didn't know you could get VD from a horse! Oh, and another thing--that last kid dancing with the girl in white? Kids that look like that define "getting lucky" as "finding a 4-leaf clover." Great series!!!

  2. It's a tricky one to date. I'm gonna rule out '69. The clip with the guy jogging, there's a beige Ford Maverick going down the street behind him. The Maverick debuted in the 1970 model year (which of course means it was available as of Sept. of '69, but I'm standing by my idea).

    The other clue was the opening clip of the girl in the floppy hat and maxi dress. We moved around a lot when I was a kid, so I normally remember the era of things by where we lived when I first heard about them. Maxi dress = Duluth, Minn = spring/summer 1970!

    So I'm guessing this PSA was done in '70 or '71.

  3. That was awesome!

    I recall a radio ad from the era that went something like this...

    "I got it from Mary, who got it from Paul. Paul got it from Ernestine, who could have got it anywhere at all. And with my love, I gave it to you - now that you've got it, what are you gonna' do?"

    And then of course, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show did, "Don't Give a Dose, to the One You Love Most".