April 9, 2010

From 1973: Kids Feelin' The Funk!

This clip really should be posted weekly. It's pretty much the single most awesome thing that has ever existed. It's also the only demonstration you need of why Seventies Kids Rule The World. You can have your Hannah Montanas and your whatshernames and whatevers. Seventies Kids had Stevie Wonder and his band, bringing pure funk into our living rooms on an ordinary weekday morning.

And seriously, this is the best version of "Superstition" I have ever heard, and since I have been Stevie's bitch pretty much my entire life, I know of what I speak.

Happy Friday, everybody. Have a good weekend. Now turn up your speakers and blow the roof off.


  1. Don't get your mouth dirty with ugly words like Hannah Montana, please...

  2. It is the single greatest pop/rock/soul song ever written. Ever. Written. And yes, when I first found this performance on youtube, I couldn't believe that he played an actual, live, killer version of the song. On "Sesame Street!" That kid with the head-banging just puts it over the top. Righteous.