April 28, 2010

From 1980: The Very Definition Of "Kawaii"

Which means, "cute!" Which also means, "Laura is now beside herself with missing Japan!" (We're looking at going for New Year's. The dollar is just so weak against the yen, it's ridiculous, but even a terribly anemic dollar cannot keep us away from our beloved Japan for long.)

My favorite bit is the very end, with the rabbit. That is so Japanese..."perhaps a lovable little character will show me what to do." In the Narita airport, they have little signs all over the place with a cartoon dog dressed up as a police officer. The dog is depicted as pointing and saying things in a speech bubble, all in Japanese. I have no idea what Officer Mutt-san is saying, but is he ever cute.

I miss Japan so much. It's a part of me now.


  1. For some reason, the idea of traveling to Japan scares me, but I really hope you guys can go there!

  2. EG, you shouldn't. It's the loveliest, friendliest country. You'd be fine. p.s. Where have you been lately? I've missed you.