April 25, 2010

From 1980: Someone, Please, Drive Me To A Roller Rink

Thirty years ago today, this was #22 on the Billboard chart. It peaked at #9. In the United Kingdom, it was a #1 record in 1979.

Any song with this much Moog in it is a classic here at A Touch Of Tuesday Weld. It was also a fantastic song for roller skating. Gimme my skates, my Kira barrettes, my Izod shirt, and my Jordache jeans with a comb stuck in the right back pocket, and I'm ready.


  1. Love it. By the time I hit the roller rink the song du jour was M.A.R.R.S.'s Pump Up the Volume. Loves it too!

  2. I'm sure I saw you at the roller rink. In that outfit, this (at the time) ten year old (closeted) gay boy would have thought you were HOT! And wanted to be you. Badly. :)

    God, can it really be 30 since this song was a hit? One look at my bald head says, "Yes."

    Thanks for the blast from the past.

  3. Writer: So that would make me about six years older than you. I got drunk many, many, MANY times to Pump Up The Volume. Almost a Pavlovian response to rush to find a place to puke. ;-)

    Stephen: I would have had a massive crush on you, most certainly. I always managed to have crushes on gay boys. Guess it's because gay boys were, oh, I don't know, 1000% More Awesome than their pimply straight counterparts. Funnier, smarter, smelled nicer, sweeter, kinder...did I mention Funnier and Smarter?

    And I forgot perhaps the most crucial part of my skating ensemble: my Bonne Bell jumbo Orange Crush Lipsmacker on a string around my neck so that it bobbed gently in time with the beat between my budding girlboobs. From 1978 until about 1984, I don't think I actually ever tasted my lip skin from the three inches of Bonne Bell flavored goodness on it.