April 23, 2010

Note To Self: Do Not Make Obvious Childish Jokes About The "Threeway"

From the 1960s. I can't get a definite date on this. From the look of everything in it, I would definitely place it in the Kennedy Administration.

Pretty catchy jingle, dontcha think?

Have a nice weekend, you bunch of degenerates. Try not to get arrested, for a change.


  1. I'm tagging it more as being from the end of the Eisenhower Era. Utopia,dental hygiene and plasticity, all the things that make life worth living!

  2. Ow. That commercial made my teeth hurt.

  3. Everyone: you need to check out Rob's blog. Now.

    Paula: I am blogrolling your Advertising Is Good For You site. You didn't give up the other, did you?