May 11, 2010

Doing Her 'Do And A Facial Masque, Too!

I imagine that this image was snapped as she was having a day of beauty at Elizabeth Arden. Her husband was taking her to dinner at Maxwell's Plum that night, and then afterward, The Fantasticks, and she wanted to look her absolute best.


  1. Actually, she did this beauty routine at home. Swanson frozen dinners in the oven, husband came home late, and she fell asleep in the den watching Carson (it was a BITCH getting the cold cream off her face the next morning).

  2. Indeed. And you know the husband's name is Harvey.

  3. Indeed, and the television (the one he fell asleep in front of) was an Anniversary gift he got her last year from Sears (so she could watch her "stories" in color) over at the local mall.