May 22, 2010

From 1978: Yes, I Still Want To Be Kristy MacNichol...Or, In A Pinch, Jimmy Will Do

I idolized Kristy MacNichol when I was a kid. I mean, just really worshiped the ground she walked on. And I watched this Dick Clark special back in 1978 just to catch a glimpse of her and her brother singing "He's A Dancer." So much freaking conga. This song is a WIN.


  1. These kids today with their Justin Bieber and their Miley Cyrus, they don't know from talent! Back in my day we had STARS!

    And, a friend of mine when to her prom with Jimmy McNichol

  2. O, our paths diverge sharply here, my dear. Unbearable!! I love Ms. McN too, but not here. The "choreography," the pastel jumpsuits, the lip-synching ... too much :)


  3. In retrospect, I guess it makes sense that I always got crushes on the Kristy MacNichols,the Joan Jetts of the world-damn what a clueless little homo I was!