August 14, 2010

From 1959: When Huge Jugs And Perception-Bending Drugs Collide In The Mind Of The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit

What a piece of work this gem is!

Not only will Good Old Harvey no longer "lie there and mope," he will live to see another day to be his usual lecherous and unpleasant self...thanks to the magic of the wizards at Smith, Kline, and French!

Indeed, a "bright side" for your patients...and the hardworking nurses who just love to be ogled by them!

Dexamyl featured a mixture of dextroamphetamine and amobarbital in an extended release capsule (the "Spansule"). This highly addictive drug was very popular on the street, where it was sold under the name of "Christmas Trees," so named for their bright green capsules and pearly white granules visible within.

Dexamyl was taken off the market on June 30, 1973.


  1. Yes, those mixtures of uppers and downers really messed some people up. Miltown and Dexadrine. Woo hoo!

    Never heard them called Christmas trees!!

  2. Early speedballing. Gotta love it.

    I believe dexamyl is the drug that Anthony Eden (the Franklin Pierce of UK Prime Ministers) was addicted to (and recovering from) in Jamaica when he was ousted.

  3. Anonymous09 July, 2011

    Miltown?? That's meprobamate, not amobarbital. Amytyl is a C-II, Miltown only a C-IV

  4. Dexamyl was the speed of choice among professional baseball players, known as greenies.