September 6, 2010

This Week On A Touch Of Tuesday Weld: When Innocent Housewives Are Actually Stank Hos

In this heartbreaking ad, a fedora-bedecked husband walks out on his clueless wife because she is a Stank Ho!

"If I wanted to smell that," he sniped, "I would have taken a job slinging trash cans behind Red Lobster instead of being on the executive fast track at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe!"

American wives, beware! Shove Dakin's solution, which is essentially weak bleach water, up your cooch to keep the peace in your marriage! Dangerous chemicals are not a concern when your marital bliss is at stake! It's the American way!


  1. And they keep making ads like these.

    (And off the link from there, that may not be a real good idea...)

  2. OK, someone owes me a new keyboard, as I have spit out iced tea all over it!