September 11, 2010

From 1956: Blech.

I'm sick...some sort of overenthusiastic bug is chewing on my innards. Ever feel like you were accidentally shoved in front of a milk truck and it ran over you five times? Yeah. That's how I feel.

And Benadryl, any incarnation of it, should be sold on the street. I took some for the watery eyes and snuffly nose aspect of this flu and I woke up 18 hours later!

So I thought I would appease The Cold And Flu Gods by creating a post about vintage soup advertising, and this is what I found. Just what you want to look at when you are sick...pea soup the color of vomit. And to think, this is the best the graphic artists of the day could do with the color! What did this soup really look like? Sheesh.

Women's Day
April 1956

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  1. Gah! I'm sick right now and I have to admit...not very appetizing.

    I am with you on Benadryl. Every time that I take it I think that I am going to jump out of a window like Helen Hunt did in that "don't do drugs" movie when she was young.