November 2, 2010

From 1977: Tootsie Rolls Extolled As An Effective Antidepressant And Possible Mild Hallucinogen

Sing along, Seventies Kids! I know you know every word to this jingle!

And okay, was there ANY facet to our shared existence in The Seventies where drug use did not play a significant role? Even something as innocuous as Tootsie Rolls, possibly the most delicious of all Halloween treats, was advertised with cartoon children tripping out on chocolaty goodness, seeing airplanes and tree trunks and even an errant whale in a lake turning into Tootsie Rolls!

"The world looks mighty good to me...I'll claim it's the Tootsie Rolls that I am eating, but it's really because of the two Quaaludes I stole from my big sister's purse this morning before I left for school..."

Edited to add: look at the slogan at the very end of the commercial, with the sort-of Lincoln Log structure of Tootsie Rolls. How times have changed. I think that the intention was for it to read as if someone was making a "yummy" noise, and then excitedly mentioning that "it's from Tootsie Roll." Instead, I initially read it with a Chandler Bing-type sarcastic bent. "'s from Tootsie Roll (you moron)?!!?"


  1. Ah, Quaaludes. I so loved them.

  2. I would literally give up one of my limbs to get my hands (or, I guess in that case, hand) on a couple of them. My shrink says that they aren't even made anymore. So I have to settle for Klonopin, or Benedryl with a margarita chaser.

  3. You would have so liked them. You split them in half. First half made you tingle all over. Second half made your spine disappear. Super duper great to have sex on.

    Uh, but that's what I heard...