December 22, 2010

From 1979: The Only Way This Clip Could Have Been Rendered More Awesome Was If There Was A Cameo By Ponch And Jon

See, that's why The Seventies were awesome. Truckers were cool, they openly smoked Kimo Sabe in their cabs, on any given day you might have run into Cher on roller skates wearing zebra print skintight leotards, cops and bikers were friends, and gorgeous drag queens channeling Lady Day could be found at truck stops.

This was the theme song to the 1979 epic, Roller Boogie.


  1. Love it - can't wait to see Burlesque this week!

    -Lara Starr

  2. What a woman! I hated the 70s but Cher makes that kidney stone of a decade look good!