January 15, 2011

A New Series Here At ATOTW: Abandoned Places, Forgotten Spaces

I've recently become fascinated with what one might call "the dark side" of vintage things: those places that have outworn their welcome, regardless of the reason...usually just the passage of time, the changing of tastes, and the folly of humans.

Malls. Amusement parks. Residential buildings. Hospitals. Orphanages and "state homes." Places that, for whatever the reason, are simply left to stand as a testament to their former lives as part of their respective communities...now rotting away with the passage of the seasons, dignity stripped away with each spray of graffiti.

So I decided to start memorializing these abandoned places, forgotten spaces, here on this blog. I think I might do a solid week of remembrance at first, but this will be a regular feature on A Touch Of Tuesday Weld.

I hope you are as fascinated as I am.

-Laura :)

These buildings were meant to be "The Legendary Years" section in the absolutely appalling "Pop Century" resort at Walt Disney World, commemorating 1900-1940 and some of Disney's greatest animated triumphs.

Alas, it never came to pass, courtesy of September 11, 2001. This segment of the project, along with many of the buildings already finished with doors and windows, was completely abandoned (and such a shame, I would have liked to have stayed in the "Uncle Walt's I Hate Jews" suite).

So consequently, a "pop century" in Disneyspeak only lasts fifty years.


  1. I think this is v. cool/creepy/sad/weird (I love it)

    A coworker of mine just posted this


  2. Now this one is bizarre. I can't believe Disney would allow a building to sit and rot on their pristine property. I didn't notice how old this video is, so I wonder if it has since been torn down and something built in it's place? I think they have a "Pop Century" hotel there now. Anyway...I love abandoned buildings and have enjoyed all your videos. ;)