January 13, 2011

A Touch Of Tuesday Weld: The Official Online Home of Shane and Debbie Klingensmith

This is for rollerfink, who reminded me recently of the obvious awesomeness that is Klingensmith.

Seriously, I kid a bit here, but Debbie Klingensmith is actually touching in her devotion to her son and his, um, talent.

"He can also do it with an English ock-sent."

From Bravo's greatest program ever, Showbiz Moms and Dads.


  1. Yes! If I ever get famous I'm going to bankroll a special production for Shane Klingensmith. Maybe Shane Klingensmith on Ice. Or "Othello Starring Shane Klingensmith." On ice.

  2. i wish i were a klingensmith. yes kabuki klingensmith would rule the stage. i am just that sure of it.