May 4, 2011

Back By Popular Demand: Bong-Smokin' Jesus

Easter has come and gone for another year, and Our Lord and Savior is kicking back with his homies and doing bong stands. Rumor has it that Mary Magdalene is going to give everyone lap dances, too.

Don't bogart, Jesus! You may be The Son Of God, but that's just bad manners!


  1. If you really love me, you'll get me this print for my birthday! XOXOX

  2. Amazing true tidbit: Bong Smokin' Jesus was the original motif for my cocktail napkins for my wedding. It was only an entreaty from my mother that led to me to go the "silver scroll etching of Cupid" route.

    I do really love you, you knucklehead.

  3. it might be popular, but I think that you should think about those others that have Christian or Catholic believes and have some respect for them, this is an insult for them, not to me but for my friends who believe in Jesus and God