May 3, 2011

From 1991: Tonya Harding Lands The Triple Axel In Competition

The first U.S. woman to do so, and it must be said, it was a MASSIVE triple axel. Tonya always had wonderfully high, fast jumps.

God bless you, Tonya. You always have mad props and the utmost respect from me.

Let's have another look at that triple axel, this time in 1992.

Massive. Look at the screen capture...the HEIGHT that chick got up from the ice, and her body perfectly straight up and down.


  1. She was talented yet twisted.

  2. I think she was the most talented female skater of the past 50 years, actually, but she could never shake her trailer park upbringing long enough to truly focus on that talent. The irony is that she could always skate circles around Kerrigan. Tonya's jumps were higher, stronger, and more consistent and she was really coming along nicely in her artistry, which was supposedly Kerrigan's strong suit.

    Go figure...another female skater I love is Nicole Bobek.

  3. I wonder if Tonya is a case of not having people around you to help you make good choices. Not removing her from responsibility, but imagine having no one keeping you in check, Lohan-esque.

    So much talent and ability, I totally agree. I always found Kerrigan's skating turgid and lifeless.