May 24, 2011

Grocery Store Favorites: Moonlight Feels Right

You know those songs that you always hear at the grocery store, over the sound system, but you never hear them anywhere else?

Yeah, those songs. And I've decided to celebrate them.

From 1976, here's Starbuck with "Moonlight Feels Right." I feel like I should be squeezing avocados and remembering to pick up some of those godawful Totino's frozen pizzas Ken loves so much.

If you'd like to suggest your own Grocery Store Favorite, shoot me an email.


  1. God, I loved this song!

  2. *laughing* Me too. I've got some good ones in the hopper so watch the blog in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Laura do you get the feeling that Gallagher stole his "look" from this singer?

  4. I think he and Gallagher may both be responsible for the whole "1976-jaunty sailor cap meets Huggy Bear worn over greasy hair-nasty porn 'stauche that may or may not have had Funyun crumbs stuck in it" look of The Seventies that too many men sported. It was sort of their own personal Annie Hall di da, la di da ;-)

  5. DiscoDollyDeb25 May, 2011

    "Dancing in the Moonlight" (another moonlight song!) by King Harvest is one I only ever hear in the grocery store, along with Jay Ferguson's "Thunder Island." I don't know why, maybe it's just the times I go shopping, but I always seem to hear those two songs that I rarely, if ever, hear on my favorite oldies-but-goodies stations.

  6. Everything is killing me here: the concept of Grocery Store Favorites (SO yes!), this song, which is a perfect example, the Funyun crumbs - everything.

    Laura, you just always get it right.

  7. Whoa Daddy!

    I thought I was tough ... thought my cheese/perv meter was calibrated so high nothing could set it off. But I couldn't even make it 45 seconds into this video before my skin attempted to climb right off my body and slink under the door. That was horrifying!

    I remember this song perfectly well from back in the day, but I had no idea it was actually so awful. Normally I LUFF Grocery Store Favorites.

  8. Anonymous25 May, 2011

    I hear "You've got your worries, I've got mine" a lot at the grocery store.