May 25, 2011

Grocery Store Favorites: When Safeway Exploits My Totally Mutual Breakup With Kyle That Was Totally Mutual And That I Am Totally Over. Really.

From 1985, here's Klymaxx with "I Miss You."

I love this song. These are the broads who brought you the genius "Meeting In The Ladies' Room," so this tune was kind of a departure for them.

It's also the song that I listened to over and over and over and over and over and over, circa 1986, when Kyle and I totally broke up by mutual decision and no, I still don't care in the least little bit that he brought some freshman girl named Sindi to the homecoming dance instead of me. In fact, I was glad that he did. It gave me plenty of time to Work On My Anguished Poetry and write "Laura + Kyle 2-good 2B 4-gotten" on the plastic lining of my Trapper Keeper. The Trapper Keeper Memorial is permanent, y'all. That's love.

Now pardon me while I go shop among the many flavor varieties of vodka. My eyes are red because I have allergies, people.


  1. Oh man, high school heartbreak - the worst kind.

    I liked this song too...I had no idea they did the other song!

  2. The 80's - where guys were as pretty as the girls.

  3. I still cannot believe the contents of that package you sent to me. I look at it in bits and pieces because I frankly get overwhelmed by your kindness and caring. The magazines are just...fabulous. I'm still rather speechless.

  4. Hmmm ... your break-up experience still sounds better than my utterly loveless, relationshipless, danceless H.S. existence. I was, how you say, Afraid Of Everything.

    You have to respect a song that expresses a feeling so ... literally. It's one step away from a song called "I Love You."

    I always assumed this singer was a dude. In the '80s, this would not have been a strange assumption.

    You're the best,