May 27, 2011

From Deep Dish: The 25 Grooviest Broadway Stars Of The 1960s

Oh, how I LOVE this blog post (and this blog).


  1. Thanks for the groovy shout-out, Laura! You're absolutely fabulous, darling!

  2. What? No Bobby Van???

  3. It's all-around wonderful, Marc...but I actually cried when I watched Richard Burton with Julie Andrews in CAMELOT. That is one of my absolute favorite musicals and while Richard Harris took the Arthur role and ran with it, to my mind, there will never be another King Arthur as great as Burton was. I mean, that original cast: Julie Andrews? Roddy McDowell as Mordred (could you get more perfect casting?). Robert Goulet as Lancelot (how perfect was that?). The mind boggles. Mom had the OBC soundtrack when we were kids and it was in power rotation on our stereo.

    Far from day, far from night, out of time, out of sight, in between earth and sea, we shall fly, follow me...

    And you remembered NO STRINGS...another Laura Linger favorite!

  4. One more thing...the footage of Dick Van Dyke should be declared a national treasure, or something. Say what you want about Ed Sullivan...we have his show to thank for capturing and preserving so many Broadway performances from the 50s and 60s.