June 27, 2011

From 1978: If It's Monday, It Must Be Massengill

I also like to call this post "Girl, Your Twat So Stanky!"

The one woman must have spent too much time feathering her hair and getting her Annie Hall outfit just right to bother with unleashing her inner June Cleaver and giving The Beaver a good going over with the soap.

The other woman just so happened to have a Massengill Vinegar and Water douche right there, at the ready. Maybe she was going to use some of it on her salad for lunch, and then whip up a Cunt Vinaigrette for later.


  1. I like commercials that show conversations that no woman really has. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be discussing douching with you. You're on your own.

    And if you're impressed by a "cleverly designed" douche bottle...well, you're impressed by very little.

  2. Oh my god, you're killing me! And of course, all women have a douche always at reach AND an enormous package of maxi pads in our purse, unopened but at the ready.

  3. Cunt Vinaigrette is going to be the name of my band.

  4. It's my gift to you, rollerfink. Use it to enthrall high school kids and outrage parents the world over.

  5. LOL - a friend of mine used to dream about inventing a product called a "Deep Woods Douche" which cleaned her vag and repelled insects at the same time.