July 26, 2011

From 1947: The Next Time You Think "Meatloaf," Be Sure To Think "Prem"

July 1947

"Prem" is the Sanskrit word for "love," but something tells me that that is not the meaning behind the name of this product.

Be sure to double-click the graphic to get the full story on how the wonderfully delicious world of Prem can enrich your dinner table. It seems that Prem consists of some gelatinous mix of pork and beef by-products, suitable for a wide variety of meal options.

Should you want to make your own Prem mini-loaves for supper tonight, there's a convenient recipe right there for you housewife types. Be sure to note the detail about serving cauliflower topped with slivered almonds!

Hey, they have french-fried onions, too, so things can't be that bad!

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  1. DiscoDollyDeb26 July, 2011

    So Prem didn't stand the test of time, but for some ungodly reason, Spam did!