August 22, 2011

As The 1975 Spectacular Continues, We Take A Look At "Love In The Afternoon"

Housewives, put down your mops, fix yourselves a cocktail or six (yes, I know you learned how to make authentic Singapore Slings the other day while watching Dinah Shore), and prepare to spend the rest of the day in the throes of blissful romance, as only the soap operas of 1975 could provide.


  1. I miss "Love in the Afternoon" and Dinah Shore.

  2. Darling Marc, so do I. So do I. It's a cliche to mention it, I think, but I will nonetheless: Luke and Laura dancing in the department store. You don't see magic like that on television today.

  3. Brian Badonde25 August, 2011

    You got it! x