August 26, 2011

What Makes 1975 Spectacular: Little Bryan Costin and His Dad's Subaru

I am thoroughly charmed by this photograph. I think it's his little jean jacket that gets me. Very 1975. Or maybe it's his red tennis shoes.

Or maybe it's that Bryan's Dad loved him so much, he just had to take a photo of his little boy in that very setting at that very moment...there's a spontaneity to this picture.

Bryan Costin


  1. The '70s could be so jaded, and yet so innocent. It was the decade that brought us "Deep Throat," (the movie), and John Denver . . . sex clubs and the muppets . . . etc. etc. Its good to see the innocent, sweet side of the '70s. I could picture this kid at home watching Sesame Street and the electric Company.

  2. What a great shot. I'm with you.